What is nutrigenomics?

Nutrigenomics is the science of how nutrients and food interact with our genes and health. 

Simply—Nutrigenomics describes the reason one person can eat certain foods and not gain weight, while another person  will consume the same and gain weight. 

Help you uncover how foods you eat interact with your genes

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The Formula For Getting Results For Your nutrition And Health Is In Your Genes.

Actifii Nutrigenomics Test Kit

Eat Based On Your Genes

Actifii Genomics testing will uncover a list of foods, minerals, vitamins

and other nutrition profiles that best work for your genes


Uncover the Root Causes of your health issues.

Improve your health through genomics testing

Personalized Nutrition Plan

Take Actifii Genomics test, get 1 on 1 coaching and personalized advice from one of our healthcare professionals.

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Actifii Your Life!
Actifii Your Life!
Nutrigenomics and health

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